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Exciting News

The Elexis Brown Golf Foundation is really pleased to announce sone fantastic news.

On Thursday 26th of May the trustee travelled to Grange Park GC to go through 29 applications to find the juniors to welcome on to the foundation.

Carlo owner of junior golf brand Every Shots Counts and junior organiser of Grange Park GC along side ladies captain Deb Knott 2022 helped with the decision to find the right applicants going forward.

The Foundation would like to welcome 9 year old Maisie who will be looked after by the foundation, also 11 year old Alfie who will be looked after by Grange Park GC, both children will have full support by all involved in the scheme.

Maisie has been playing golf with her dad for a while now, she likes the driving range, putting green, and the par3 courses.

Maisie is looking forward to playing golf and meeting new friends to help raise her confidence because sometimes Maisie has a small amount of anxiety.

Maisie would like to raise awareness in girls golf and help more young girls to become involved in sport.

Alfie is 11 years old and enjoys playing golf, he likes to spend time at the range and on the golf course, Alfie's late grandfather was a keen golfer who played to a high standard along with his uncle at Grange Park GC. Alfie would like to follow in their footsteps make his late Grandfather very proud.

He is looking forward to meeting new friends who share a common interest in golf and being apart of a fantastic junior section.

Alfie at Grange Park GC

Maisie standing underneath the clock on the

first tee at Grange Park GC.

Alfie at home with his goodie bag from

The Elexis Brown Golf Brown Foundation.

All the children receive a bag with some

fantastic bits to help them on the way with

their golf journey.

( left to right )

Ben Peter ( Trustee ) Deb Knott ( lady Captain ) Phil Grimwood ( Trustee ) Carlo Albanese ( Junior Organiser and owner of junior brand clothing Every Shot Counts.


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