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Alfie is 11 years old and enjoys his golf and football, he likes to spend time on the range and the golf course.

Alfie was inspired by his late Grandfather who also was a golfer and played to a very high stranded during his lifetime.

His uncle is also a member at Grange Park GC as was his late Grandfather, Alfie would like to follow in his grandfather's footsteps and make him proud.

He plays golf at Aintree, Potters Wood and Grange Park GC

He is working really hard to work towards his first handicap and handing his score cards in.

 Alfie was born with a club foot and had to be put in a plaster cast from the hip down to his toe when he was just 7 days old, he then went in boots and bar for 24 hours a day for 3 months, Alfie then had an operation when he was 5 and was unable to walk for a few months.

His attitude in life consists of if you desire something you must be prepared to work hard for it, and this is what Alfie does. Never Give up! This is exactly what we believe here at the Foundation.

With regular coaching from his coach at Grange Park GC and lots of practice Alfie will definitely follow his dream and make all of his family and friends proud. 

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