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Our Charity will provide golf equipment to the juniors helping them improve skills on the course. This could a be at a driving range or at a pitch and putt, a place where beginners can get their first taste of the ultimate golfing experience for all to enjoy.


We will provide an excellent ‘goody-bag’ with golf balls, markers, a cap and accessories. This will be given to each junior picked for the scholarship providing t Golf clubs are important to a junior golfer and one thing to bear in mind with junior clubs they have to be the right size and not too heavy.

Alongside providing equipment, we will also provide the clothing and coaching needed for you to be able to able to develop  at golf. The only requirements we have  is a want and willingness to thrive in the sport, and of course to able to get there.

Each child gets social interaction, the chance to attend all our charity events, coaching one to one and group sessions and support from us the trustee's.

We work alongside trusted people to provide the equipment, clothing and support with the PGA Professionals who work with our children providing their lessons and coaching.

The junior will be coached by a PGA professional, having one to one lessons, learning  the golfing skills alongside developing a thorough understanding of golf. Regular coaching is important and vital to young golfers to develop and improve their game, with a structured program, this will be delivered by a PGA qualified coach.


We believe opportunities should be available for juniors to receive junior coaching, plus access to a golf course. Juniors should use one or two practice sessions per week to work on drills. Clearly there are also obvious physical benefits such as: stimulating the heart, burning calories, getting lots of fresh air and improving physical fitness.

Other advantages include mental and social benefits, improving communication skills, confidence, self-esteem. The sessions also help reduce stress and anxiety and encourage a fun and safe environment where boys and girls can participate on a equal basis. We think a junior golf program helps development and foster all aspects of the beautiful game of golf. They teach younger players values of integrity and respect both on and off the course.

Communication is the foundation to coaching, and we understand that small, incremental improvements are ones that build strong foundations with players gaining confidence, understanding and can progress to a level of performance that they never imagined.

A regular junior golf report will be provided by the club junior organisers of the club. Regular updates will also be provided by the PGA professional to outline how the progress of each junior is developing.

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