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Maisie is 9 years old and has been playing golf with her dad for a while now. She likes to go to the driving range, work hard on the putting green and practices her short game on the local par 3 course.

Maisie regularly looks forward to playing golf at Grange Park G. She is looking forward to meeting new friends in golf and this will help her raise her confidence, because sometimes Maisie has a small amount of anxiety.
Maisie is looking forward to being part of a golf club, playing competitions and feels like she would be a good role model and a good ambassador for golf, whilst promoting girls golf in her local area and community.

Maise would like to raise awareness of girl's golf and help more young girls to become more involved in sport.

The Elexis Brown Golf Foundation trustees will be working alongside Grange Park GC to assure Maise will enjoy her golf and enjoy being a member. She will have regular golf lessons and group lessons. Maisie also really enjoyed being part of the Girls Golf Rocks program this year which was hosted by club Professional Charlie O Mahoney, with help from various volunteers and lady club Captain Deb Knott.
Masie has just signed up for the Lancashire County Girls program and is looking forward to playing county girls golf in 2023 and will meet new friends.

We are looking forward to watching Maisie progress with her golf going forward


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