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Inspriring talent - Changing lives


Elexi's Story

Sadly, our beautiful daughter Elexis passed away on the 8th of August 2021.

Her golf Journey started in the spring of 2014 when she first picked up a Tri Golf club at an event hosted by the Golf Foundation. Elexis realised she could hit the ball well and we decided to invest in a set of second-hand junior golf clubs.

By the time Elexis was 8, she had quickly picked up the game and had her first official handicap of 53 playing in  a golf competition at her first club the Leicestershire GC. 

Elexis had lessons with PGA professional Zoe North,  Evie Carter, and then her present long game Anders Mankert from the Leicester golf centre and her short game coach Alison Johns from Woodhall Spa Golf.

In 2019 she became a member at Woodhall Spa, and at age 13 Elexis worked very hard to bring her handicap down to  8.5  and played for the Lincolnshire  county girls team.

And In 2021, she was crowned  the under 14 Lincolnshire county champion.

Elexis dream was to play for England golf girls and to achieve a scholarship to America.

Elexis was not from a middle class background, and she was extremely committed to working hard throughout her 13 years.


The Foundations Goals and aims

The foundation, registered as a charity in 2021.  In memory of Elexis Brown. Our main aim is to get children who wouldn't normally be involved with golf, playing the sport.

Where we stand 

Unfortunately during when playing golf, elexis suffered discrimination. Golf is still seen as an elite sport depsite the fact its not. As a foundation we want to encourage and inspire children from all different backgrounds and circumstances to get involved with golf.

What we offer 


The Charity will offer 4 different children over a one year period ( as many as we can)  with free coaching by a PGA professional, and a 1 year subscription to a golf club in the local area where the junior lives.  Elexis always believed that all young people, irrespective of race,gender,disability,religion,poverty or personal circumstances can have the opportunity to enjoy golf, and with our foundation they will to their best ability. with the support of our foundation

We know golf is an elite sport where certain talented children remain under the radar. Elexis was a big fan of the Golf Foundation and always believed in what they represent and what they achieve.

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